I have a war in my veins

Six months ago, I would have condemned contradictions

From an ivory pedestal of absolutism.

They were dirty water in a world of what should’ve been distilled

Tainting the globe with overt hypocrisy

One glass of filthy tap water at a time.


Since then I’ve realized:

I am a living contradiction

Born from broken vows of premarital abstinence,

Conceived because he colonized my mother’s body

Just like his country did to another’s.

And it’s no coincidence I have a war in my veins –

I was raised to be silent

Yet reproached when I could not shout.


In fact, we are all products of paradox:

We sweep dust from our shelves

Without realizing we’re made from it.


For years, my English teachers told me not to write in absolutes.

But they forgot to tell me not to live in them.




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