We are the [word]

We are the outcasts
The hopeless wanderers
Entranced by transience
Insurgents of conformity

We are the reckless
The free spirits
Motivated by infatuation
Slaves of whimsicality

We are the degenerate
The supposedly inferior
Fascinated by oddities
Prisoners of prejudice

We are the commonplace

The quiet dawn
The sun clinging to hill tops
Red, orange, magenta
The silent beauty
As assured as blue skies
So assured, it’s easily forgotten

We are the subtle

The soft tonal chords
Of melody and mantra
Haunting the sub conscious
One subliminal serpent at a time

We are the unwavering

The steady bassline
A pulsing metronome
To drive life
Through the constant beat
Of rhythmic undertones

We are the curious

The wakers of pandemonium
Unafraid of looming ravaging chaos
The inevitable successor of priceless revelation

We are the unsung heroes
The sweet forces of natural dissonance
The light of our generation
Illuminating the galaxy with truth

We are the hope of the world
The shooting star
For humanity to believe in

We are the movers and shakers
Restless without utopia
Condemning acrimonious sardonicism
Craving bittersweet progression

We are the determined
The ardent
The rebellious
The innovative
The bold and the brave

We are the [word]



Inspired by the song “Youth” by Daughter



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