The Secret Spot

Secrets. We keep them all the time. Sometimes we keep them because they’re embarrassing or other times because they’re painful for ourselves or others.

But what about when the secret is a place?

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This is the Secret Spot. (Its location supposedly secret as the name indicates.) However, since the past week was spring break for a lot of schools, more and more people went and found the Secret Spot, and it’s safe to say its location isn’t too much of a secret if you’re a teenager living in southern Orange County.

The seemingly rapid increase of the number of people who now know where the Secret Spot is annoys some individuals, the ones who claim they found the Secret Spot first.

That type of territorial reaction annoys me.

Sure, I understand how nice it feels to be one of the few who knows the Secret Spot’s location especially when it’s such a beautiful place. You feel satisfied and included like you were invited to be a part of an esoteric club with an infamous reputation. You feel special.

The work it takes to actually get to the Secret Spot only contributes to the feeling of superiority/fulfillment. Getting there isn’t that easy. It was actually kind of scary climbing a little mountain of rocks at high tide and then jumping a few feet down from the rocks to the beach where the pools that are the Secret Spot happen to be. So when you do get there, it’s oddly satiating as if the world’s telling you, “Good job, you did it.”

But at the same time, knowing someone else visited the same place doesn’t mean we should consider ourselves any less special; it shouldn’t dilute our own individual satisfaction. I mean sometimes products or ideas become less attractive when everyone has access to them but on the flip side, Disneyland isn’t less of a happy place for one person simply because it’s the “happiest place on Earth” for the rest of the world as well.

Additionally, the Secret Spot is actually still relatively secret which means you are still relatively special if you’ve been there. Not too many people know where Thousand Steps Beach is, and knowing that is the first step to finding the Secret Spot. Not too many people even live close enough to Laguna Beach to attempt to actually go to Thousand Steps Beach. Not many people at all will visit Laguna Beach in their lifetime.

So if you think about it, you’re special. You shouldn’t get territorial when other people post pictures of themselves at the Secret Spot. If there’s anyone who should be territorial, it’s the people who actually own the place. That’s right, the Secret Spot is private property and trespassers will be prosecuted… or so the sign says. But no one posts pictures of that do they?


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