Restless Wallflower

When the light is done
And the dawn has died,
Here we lay
On our sides

Crumbling and crying
Waiting and wanting
We turn our heads
To see who is coming

Others look away
But I continue to stare
Hidden in a blanket
They never see me there

Why? I’m not sure
Here I am,
Covered, but in plain sight,
Closed like a clam

Maybe I’m too quiet.
I admit I make no sounds.
But still they should look
For what was lost can now be found.

Maybe I’m not good enough,
Not good enough to take notice.
But that doesn’t warrant invisibility,
It doesn’t mean I’m worthless.

Wet hair dries,
Frigid mornings become hot noons;
I’m still alone,
I’ll need to find warmth soon.

If I cannot
And night envelopes me,
I’ll stumble, I’ll fall,
I’ll strain my eyes to see.

The ground shakes fervently;
It’s life rumbling by
Leave me alone please,
It’s hard enough to find the will to try.

Eyes close
But mine will not
Restless, restless
Weary and bloodshot

Why can’t I retire?
I scream in despair.
I tug, I twirl,
I twist my long brown hair.

Eventually I find peace,
I make my escape.
But it won’t last long.
I’m soon forced to wake.

And so it goes on
This endless cycle of naught
Wasting, wasteful,
But it’s really all we’ve got.


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